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The 61508 Association (T6A) Symposium

a.k.a T6A Symposium

​The association occasionally runs a T6A symposium on functional safety for the benefit of its members to share knowledge and encourage development. The symposium is often also open to non-member functional safety practitioners to encourage networking.

Our T6A symposium is a full-day in-person networking event focussed on functional safety and safety-related systems. Papers and workshops that can be covered include any topic related to functional safety (which could cover any of various sectors).

Our T6A symposium focuses on important functional safety principles and includes consideration for current issues and future trends. Our symposium has two streams, one for papers and another for more technical workshops such as those covering Conformity Assessment of Safety-related Systems (CASS) assessment templates.

Speakers from end users, manufacturers, consultants and conformity assessment bodies, all heavily involved in functional safety / safety-related systems, share their knowledge and expertise on their topic. We always allow ample opportunities throughout for questions, discussions and networking (in breaks and especially over lunch, which is included).

The 2024 symposium is confirmed and formally announced. We can tell you that this years symposium is called:

T6A Symposium – Guidance in Functional Safety Compliance.

And will be held in York (United Kingdom) on Wednesday the 20th of November, 2024.

We hope to see you there! Please come and network!

2024 T6A Symposium – Guidance in Functional Safety Compliance


The form below allows you to apply for registration at the T6A symposium 2024. Attendance is only available as in-person and is free of charge for the full day including refreshments and lunch. Some places are automatically reserved for Association members and therefore places are very limited and offered on a first come, first served basis. Association members may sponsor (recommend) a non-member for attendance. Your registration at the T6A symposium is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation from the Association. Your registration is not transferable, holds no monetary value, and can be cancelled at any time by The 61508 Association.

Once you submit your request for registration at the T6A Symposium, the information will be forwarded to our association coordinator who will process your request. Please bear with us, it will take us some time to review the registrations, but we will come back to you.


T6A Symposium 2024 Agenda:

Start Time
Paper Stream (Oak Room)
Workshop Stream (Ebor Room)
Finish Time
1 09:30 Welcome 09:40 (10)
2 09:40 Todd-Parry Keynote: How Functional Safety has and is impacting the modern world 10:00 (20)
3 10:00 T6A and TCSA History and Principles 10:20 (20)
4 10:20 The Importance of Functional Safety Management (FSM) 10:50 (30)
10:50 COMFORT BREAK AND NETWORKING (Minster Room) 11:20 (30)
5 11:20 A-5: Digitalise Functional Safety, Reduce the Burden B-5: Functional Safety and the Importance of Competence 11:50 (30)
6 11:55 A-6: Concerning Assumptions for Cyber Security and Functional Safety B-6: CASS 61508 & 62061 Workshop 12:25 (30)
12:25 LUNCH BREAK AND NETWORKING (Minster Room) 13:25 (60)
7 13:35 A-7: Functional Safety and AI B-7: CASS 61511 Workshop 13:55 (30)
8 14:00 A-8: Statistical (Black Box) Testing 14:30 (30)
9 14:35 A-9: Machinery Functional Safety B-9: Functional Safety tool qualification 15:05 (30)
15:05 SHORT COMFORT BREAK (Minster Room) 15:25 (20)
10 15:25 A-10: Importance of alarms for FS B-10: SIL Calculations and use of Part 6 15:55 (30)
11 16:00 A-11: Functional Safety and Communication Links B-11: To be advised 16:30 (30)
16:30 CLOSE / Informal Post Symposium Questions / Discussions 17:30 (60)

NOTE: All combined sessions are held in the “Oak Room”, or Paper Stream, location.


Data Privacy:

The 61508 Association (T6A) will only use the personal data provided via this form, via legitimate interest, for the purposes of managing and enabling your attendance at the T6A symposium. The T6A will retain a list of symposium attendees for internal use but will not distribute this list to its members. The T6A will not provide the personal data to any external parties other than the hotel hosting the event, unless if required by law.

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