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What is Functional Safety?

61511 safety standard guidance

At its simplest functional safety is the part of the overall safety relating to the equipment under control and its associated control system that depends on the correct functioning of the safety-related system.

What is IEC 61508?

61508 safety standard

​IEC 61508 is the international standard for functional safety for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety related systems.

What is IEC61511?

61508 safety standard guidance

IEC 61511 Ed2 is the Functional Safety standard for the process industry

Safety-Related System Competence Guidelines

61508 technical information

​The crucial component in the management of functional safety is the competence of all those with a role to play throughout the safety system and software lifecycle.

Standards Development

61508 safety standard guidance

International functional safety standards are under continuous development and maintenance and are revised periodically. 


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